In the garden

It’s time to get into the garden and remove the rubbish and weeds and plant new things! I’ve never been much of a gardener.. I think it is related to renting and never being sure about what was next.

The above picture is her special corner, it’s somewhat overgrown. There are poppies and roses and a small oak tree which we sadly have to remove in time. Papa bear built a swing for her but we will rebuild a proper swing when this tree is gone.


Grandma came over with some nastercians and some sticks so kidlet would know where the seeds are that would be planted.


I tackled the larger garden beds with some hardcore weed removal – they were small trees – and turning the soil. One of the beds is full of rubbish, so I’m still in the process of sorting through all of that, this one egts all of the sun and I want to plant herbs!!! Kitty was helping too.


Nothing is cuter than kids in their wellingtons.

Grow! Grow my pretties!

Also my exhibition at Ararat Regional Art Gallery closes this Sunday!


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