Photos from my recent exhibition

From mid December to mid January I had some works on display at DeerSPACE- we had the closing party for it the weekend just passed and I thought I should share some photos. I got a lot of great feedback from everyone so thank you for all coming and supporting me!

This painting received the most positive feedback, which surprised me as I actually didn’t like it for a long time! Now I am glad I got it framed and shared it with people.
(Photo credit Tom Phillipson)

(Photo Christian Rothenhagen)

(Photo Josh T)

Painting Allison Browning.

I’ve been painting Allison Browning who is an Australian writer. You can see her work here: LINK!

I met Allison on my brief trip to Australia earlier this year – her house was full of beautiful things and she was really lovely to speak to and work with. I originally wanted to use this as a drawing but with the colours of her skin, dress and the other objects in this image made me change my mind – I felt it best to explore this image with paint.

New Drawings

Here are a few drawings I have been working on lately. I have been exploring new textures and backgrounds as I usually just work with solitary figures. These drawings are a part of an extremely large and daunting project I have taken upon – I will write more about it later.

All drawings from this project are on 30 x 30cm pieces of water colour paper and all are drawn in fine liner pen.





Photos from lately

It’s less than a month to Christmas!

It’s getting cold cold cold in Berlin and the sun is setting about 4PM. We have moved house again – this new place is a treasure. It’s in a very old building, I have eight flights of stairs to carry a baby up but we get allllllll of the light that this city has to offer at this time of the year.

Here are some photos I have taken of late:



PHIA in Hasen Heide on an Autumn afternoon.

Outside my front door I can check out my neighbors shoes.

Today Anja goes for a walk with her Daddy & Sam.

Will art write soon.