4 thoughts on “Australian Faraway Tree

  1. Gayle De Angelis on said:

    It’s what we need – an Australian Faraway tree – I love the way you’ve captured the gnarling-ness. All it needs is a kid in the branches reading Enid Blyton

  2. Elizabeth on said:

    The lower branches look climable if you could get up there. But I like the idea of a hint of snuggle pot or maybe Blinky bill somewhere.
    It is beautiful

  3. Elizabeth on said:

    Lily Mae there’s some trees worthy of your pen near home….Beaufort have you ever been to a Beaufort show? Do you know if the Pyrenees Award? Interested in an entry this year or next for one of your local pieces? Beaufort Agricultural Society has a page with the details or you can pick info up at our local library.

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