I am writing to you in a rather tired state- a good tired. I’ve been away from home for over a week now, exploring and working and meeting new people.
I’ve watched birds down at the Murray, white knuckled it down a dirt road in the dark, that was full of kangaroos ( red & grey ) cows as big as the bus we were in, foxes and rabbits.
I saw a wedge tailed eagles nest and read notes in a book written by artists who I have long admired. It’s all been about nature, art, navigating heat and coffee and ink and drawing.
Also – I was on the ABC talking about periods and drawing and that this residency is the first ‘art thing’ I have done since my surgery.. Which was pointed out to me by the lovely journalist.

I have been both deeply relaxed and very productive.

Today is hit a wall day, so I am trying to do the things around actual drawing. I’ve done drawing too, but they are not very good, so no matter.
The things I’ve been doing are preparing for my art adventure tomorrow, eating chocolate and looking at my drawings wondering where I want to take things. These two weeks have been mapped out to just collect material and think with my hands. Which I have been doing but of course I wish I could get a solid idea on a new project and I haven’t so I am a little frustrated and I know, I know I expect too much of myself. But if I don’t, who will?

I wanted to post some sketches but can’t seem to upload them, so you’ll just have to look at the photo of me with melted hair after a very hot day at Mungo. I am bare foot and with a heart filled to the brim – that’s a sunset I’ll never forget.