Monkey is unwell and home today. We had a very rough night and though we’ve not had much sleep – I’m still kind of happy!
It’s a sunny autumn day so I’ve done all the washing and made an attempt at the dishes that are never ending and gotten healthy food into us all.. A few years back I would have been a complete mess ( who’s to say I won’t be tomorrow ) but it reminds me time and time again about surrendering to life and taking it all in and being. I think when I started out on this parenting journey, I was not great at it but I kept trying and trying again and sometimes I think I am doing ok at it. I think that’s something that is hard to do, just trying. Try to be real, try to be present, try to do better, try to say sorry, try new things when all the other things are not working.
Anyway, I thought I was going somewhere with this train of thought but now that I am writing, I am not so sure. Ha.

Just keep trying.

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