Busy week in photos

tbw This is the only ride that I will ever go on. I’ve never been one for rides, I’m just not that kind of explorer.

vom Kidlet and I stood beneath this and just got dizzy from watching.

hellohorses This girl is so kind and in awe of animals. Animal love runs strong in her family.

bt Trinkets and old things.

printingpress Got to see a demonstration of a printing press. So fascinating!

selfiegame Selfie game.

roses Roses.

globesmall These globes are just so beautiful!


readingroomreminder Books in the reading room are reminding me where I should be..

pickleslist 8AM Sunday morning indoor picnic. Papa and kidlet wrote lists of what needs to be done today.

unikitty Kitty sits beneath the unicorn and they both watch on.

I’ve now reached the point where I can’t do anymore! I love doing things but I also like weekends being weekends and just resting. So that’s what’s on for the rest of the day.

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