Almost thirty four

Hello blog,

Well, it happened. My dearly loved laptop computer has died. I think I got it for my 30th birthday? Or maybe thirty first? Who can tell in my old age 😉 But the other day, whilst researching the care of our ( large and dominating ) indoor plants, I knocked a full mug of coffee all over it and poof! It’s screen went dark for the last time. I cried – not sure what I was upset about more – the coffee or the computer – but there you go. I love both of these things in equal measure. Just the computer is like, wayyyyy more expensive to fix/ replace.
Husband, being the amazing and thoughtful and practical being that he is – had already created a thingo to back the shit up out of everything. Because I have a history of killing computers with liquids, because I have a knack for taking thousands of photographs and refusing to give any of them up thus taking up HEAPS of space, because it is the right thing to do.
It’s stalled work a little, I must admit. School holidays is a tricky enough time to try and get work done in and this on top of it – well frankly, it forced me to stop.
That’s ok. Things haven’t really been going my way of late. So many technical difficulties, so many people not replying, so many of the things. I feel up and down but overall – I feel pretty positive about the year ahead.

I hope to challenge my drawing more this year. Let’s see where I can take it. I hope to see a body of work through, but if it still needs to be made, than it still needs to be made. We will see. Well, I will see and then I’ll let you know.
So Husband built me a new computer, lending parts from his and mostly made up of my late father in laws. It’s a desktop, so this here prone-to-bouts-of-depression-person ( um, me ) can no longer sit in her bed and watch movies in her pyjamas all day – no sir – I got to get OUT of bed to do that! 😉

Anyway, I felt I should write. It’s my birthday very soon – thirty four. I’m liking my thirties so much more than my twenties ( which is hard to compare because they seem like different lifetimes ). I cannot believe that I have been with Husband for ten years now. We’ve done so much within that decade. I hope to do many things more.

I have to go because the child has been very VERY quite …


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