Wednesday with flowers

I first did the eyes, nose and mouth as a simple self portrait and I posted it on this blog a couple of weeks back. The incompleted portrait bothered me, the line in there – no more time for that.

It’s my 4th decade on this planet and I have been meaning to do some kind of self portrait since January. Most of the ones I have tried just weren’t right, but this seems fitting.

Surrounding my face are some of the herbs and flowers in my garden. Garden = little patch of dirt out the back and the ‘porce garden’ which is all down the side of my place. I have recreated ‘porch garden’ from my old flat, which I miss.

Spring is coming and the cherry tomato plants are IN! I have camomile, lemon balm, basil mint, mint mint, lemon thyme, thyme thyme, oregano, DILL, parsley, sage, rosemary, chives, other things probably. It’s AMAZING. Unopened poppy heards are there and I am looking forward to seeing what colours they are, I have one purple cornflower – more are coming and bee bread. Yes, bee bread (Borage).

I have a lemon tree I keep forgetting about.

Anyway I went on a tangent I wasn’t intending too but that’s the nature of blog writing.

Tea and book time.

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