Sweet Relief

It’s done. It is all done and now we are in the confusing haze that is the week between Christmas Day and New Years. Which I much prefer to the blinding panic/ rage that is the lead up to Christmas!


I hardly got anything done that I planned to do. I got a bit sick in the week leading up to it all and just gave up. Which forced me to have a very low key Xmas day and I think I have to do that again each year. We didn’t have an excess of anything. Did it all meat and alcohol free so no one is in a bad way at all. A bit tired but no one is burnt out and now we are planning our bike trips and play dates and it’s all pretty lovely and relaxing. This is how it should be!

gbh I did whip up a gingerbread house for Husband and Kidlet to decorate. And yes – I whipped it up and was very suspicious of how easy it was.. Kidelt and her friend got to demolish it on Xmas eve and it was very funny to watch. I think it’s becoming a little tradition which is super sweet.

xmasbooks A few days before the day I went and collected some new decorations for our tree – as the ones we do have a very sad and very old. There’s more glitter and stars now, which makes Kidlet very happy.

ccai Eyes! >.< mc2016 How special is the dress?

Now, it is time to get back to work.. I hope to finish a large drawing before New Years and then start a new one and that is how I will celebrate.


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