Photo diary – Berlin

I have really neglected taking photographs and sharing them of late so I picked up my (Gene’s) new camera and snapped a few things that have made me really happy lately.

My Mother stayed with me recently and gave me a few extra pennies to go and get some clothes for myself. There is a shop I like on my old street- Manteuffel Str- called Leche and I really like some of their pieces:

I opened up my brown paper bag to find this little bracelet:

In one of my favourite second hand book stores on Dieffenbachstr, I came across this beautiful copy of Virginia Woolf’s biography by Quentin Bell. I wont be able to read this one in the bath but I think it is just beautiful- I will treasure this.

Spring is springing and slowly Berlin is turning green all over- blossoms and tulips budding too- makes me appreciate the ambiance plant life can bring to such a big city.


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