Mounting drawings, wanderings

This morning we have spent counting out and measuring all the little sketches & drawings I have done for Berlin Domestic. There’s 56 that have made the final cut and my lord the maths are doing my head in.. Thank goodness Gene is helping me!

It’s hailing/raining/snowing outside so it’s good to have an indoor project, I guess.

Anyway last night I got my bike out of the basement and rode to my friend Christian’s studio so we could have a drink and draw session. I also met Dominik Heilig, who does Kazka the comic- LINK which is really cool. We talked about doing a bigger drawing session, when the weather is better 🙂

Strolling in the rain today I took a photo of the book stack which topped off nicely with a type writer (like a cherry on top only cooler?), I always walk past this and have never taken a photo of it. The things I take for granted!

Anyway, back to the measuring and cutting
and eating of chocolate.

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