Lost. Feet.

I think I’ve rambled here a few times that I feel a little like I am in a transition with my work. I think I’ve been feeling this for a coulple of years too! Over the last few weeks I’ve identified ways in which I have been drawing don’t work for me anymore and then I’ve been trying to work out how to correct this.

foot, study 


This week I moved things about again in my studio and hung out a lot of old and very new works. I’m just looking at it all, being with it. See my studio is only really used when I can come up and be actively making things. But of late I’ve really been trying to re work my work habits. It’s great to be making, that’s my favourite part but I need to pull my head in to try and find some direction within the work, too.

I’ve had a pretty excellent time going over things. I have a hard time not being so emotionally attached to my works – my failings etc. I’m trying to allow myself to be critical and allow my practice to grow.

I’m so interested in many things, but there’s only so much time. I think I have to make some actual decisions.

In the meantime I’ll make some other studies and see where we will go from here/ there.

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