First few days in Berlin

Gene and I have arrived in Berlin!!

As soon as we got off the plane we put our things in the guest house and began exploring – and haven’t stopped. We have already gotten approved for two apartments and have chosen one – so we shall be moving soon. It’s in a very old building that is cute and quiet.

I haven’t seen much art yet.

We have seen many palaces, cathedrals, etc.

It’s surreal being in a place that you have heard about all of your life – this is the first time I have left Australia!

Oh, the food, it’s amazing!



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  1. Claude Bartlett on said:

    I’ve never lived in Australia so i can’t say what you’ll be missing most but i have been to Germany quite a few times and know that they are a very warm hearted, friendly people. I hope that you’ll be able to come and explore France some time too. As far as Art is concerned you’ll probably notice a very avant-garde spirit in Berlin, it’s a town turned more towards the futur rather than the past. Keep us up-graded on your personal experience! Thank you for your art! Good luck.

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