3 thoughts on “Berlin in March

  1. Claude Bartlett on said:

    When your born with talent like you have, you can’t complain much about life. You have a wonderful gift, your young and have people around you that love you very much. Even with all this, i know that there are still a lot of frustrating moments…
    Discovering a new continent like your doing now is not an easy task. I admire your courage. If you have the chance to see other places in Europe don’t hesitate to do so, otherwise, if your boyfriend is by your side, live a romantic life, love, sex and red wine! Nothing beats that! Good luck girl.

  2. I hope I don’t sound like I am complaining! But it is frustrating..I wouldn’t change it though! I have begun drawing and am off to London to see Nom’s show, so that should give me some inspiration and MORE perspective!

    How goes it for you?

  3. Claude Bartlett on said:

    Hi Lily,
    I’m doing fine, thankyou! Going to London will do you good, i’m sure you’ll love it! Don’t forget before or after to check out all the good art shows they have in Berlin too.

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