Art swap – Lilli May Waters

Lilli May Waters is one of my favourite photographers. Her images are lush. I’ve been following her work for years and we have many a friend in common. I wrote to her a couple of years back, we have so many things in common and it blew us both away!

Recently I wanted to get some head shots done and I contacted Lilli to see if this was something she would do, and she suggested the art swap – which is the best idea!

Lilli came to my studio, and though it was sweltering in there she took some amazing shots and I just feel so lucky. Thank you Lilli. Here is her website – Lilli Waters and her wedding photography website: I got you babe

Lilli chose a print of 33 weeks in exchange, which I had done on beautiful bamboo paper.

33 weeks, oil on board, 44.7 x 34.5 cm, 2014

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