Almost the end of January

I’m always taking photos and thinking that they’ll be good for the blog but I am finding less and less time to keep up with the posting – which is probably pretty evident in my lack of writing here but that’s OK – I’ve been drawing lots. And cooking and driving and being sober and doing all the things I should have done long ago but I guess these things will take the time that they need to take.
Also not letting the assembling of flat pack furniture break me is something I am pretty proud of. 😛

It’s probably also time to join a bird watching appreciation club –

A week ago I got back from the residency in Mildura. Just what I needed after a year of spent mostly in a rut, with the last four months being especially challenging. The landscape was so interesting, the space was really well set up and everyone at the Art Vault and the the people that I met in Mildura were lovely.. It was a really positive experience and I’ve come away feeling pretty good.
I’m about to have an exhibition in Melbourne and am working on some big and small drawings – I just feel like I am back to it and that I have meaning.
Important feels.


Perry Sandhills

Mumma and Joey in the heat

School is back soon – I have gotten the school shoes and set up my daughter with a desk in her bedroom. She feels very proud of it, fills my heart to see. I really look forward to a bit more of routine but am not wishing time away, this time is pretty fine too.

Got to go and stir the ( vegan ) red beans and put together the favourite spinach pie. I also have two drawings so close to being finished – – – so so close.


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