If you see a lady struggling with a pram & stupidly large canvases in Brunswick, it’s me.

Today I got in my nanny so I could go to Brunswick, pick up three canvases newly stretched, go to my framers and pick up two paintings freshly framed, throw it all in a cab and get back here within two hours.

I did this because the first place offered to deliver my works at such an obscene price that it actually worked out to be cheaper to hire a nanny and do it myself.

But transport didn’t show up, I forgot where I was and went one too many stops far on the train, I had to stop for coffee ( take away ) and then the canvases turned out to be really heavy. Really, really heavy. It took me all of my strength to carry three large canvases from one end of Brunswick to the other and my framer wasn’t in when I arrived. Sweating and flustered, I tried very hard not to cry. A lovely lady had opened the door, she was really nice and attempting conversation and I was freaking out because I had no more money for the cab nor the nanny..

The lady said I looked too young to have a baby! ( Believe me, I do not. )

The works framed look amazing, I am so impressed with this framer behind the obscure red door. Everyone who has seen my work has had a lot to say – a lot of encouraging, nice and generous things.

I managed to catch a cab with eftpos home – with a man who told me it was lucky we were people who did not have money because if we were, people would be after us. They’d find out about our children and then kidnap them only to call us and tell us of all the horrible things they will do to said children unless we paid them ten million dollars ….

I got home in time, the nanny left for her appointment and then I had to cook for five people, change a pooey nappy, facilitate a phone conversation between Anja and her father and then blog here and there.

I haven’t drawn this evening and I feel slightly guilty.

Only slightly.

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