Dr. Sketchy’s Salon Sessions

Last night I went to the Salon Session that Dr Sketchy‘s run here in Berlin. The model was a performer from Australia, La Viola Vixen.

When I arrived last night I quickly remembered how much I miss life drawing, I used to do it all the time when I was pregnant: PROOF.

I enjoyed the atmosphere at this session and I really hope to do it again! The Dr Sketchy’s sessions usually have a
performance and lots of photography, but to my joy there were no cameras and no one was permitted to take any photos, all that left were our drawings.

( As much as I love photography the immediacy and accessibility sometimes seem to overwhelm the human experience. Sometimes I’m pretty sure the photograph matters more than the actual experience- now I am deviating from the point of this blog post! )

The next session is in June: INFO

Lily Mae

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