Art & about, new paintings

This week has been a busy one. I seem to fit a lot in but also feel that it’s over before I know it.
Slow down time!

I went to The Cheese Mountain Tragedy last week. I’ve been meaning to visit it for some time but when you’re pushing a pram and sleep deprived these sorts of things seem like epic journeys rather than a casual visits and effortless chit chat. But I managed to casually visit, I managed to chit chat. I met Johan Potma and his lovely little black dog, we
got to look at his studio and he let me take a picture for my blog (Thanks!)

I also got to meet Josh Bauman and talk about graphic novels and printing. If you’re in Berlin you should visit this space it’s a really great set up- these guys are living the dream!!

I finished a couple of paintings but haven’t had time to photograph them except for this one:
Oil on canvas
50 x 40cm

I’m very proud of this one especially with the skin texture on her neck and shoulders. Ella- the model- is an amazingly creative woman who I have known since high school. I asked if I could paint her and she sent me some lovely but tiny
reference material.

Friday night was the opening of the group exhibition I was in at Strychnin Gallery, Herzensbrecher. I got to meet Yasha Young (who had a killer pair of heels on) and Paul Bishop from the New English, he and I talked about our children for some time.

There are more photos (including a shot of my mug) on the Strychnin blog: Here