Beautiful days

Hello there, it’s been a while but that’s ok life happens.

Sometimes life is amazing and it has been amazing alllll year because there is a very beautiful person in my life. I love you.

I’ve been collecting some source material for new works, they grow slow at the moment because of a few things.

  • I am a third year uni student and I study a lot because I want to do it well.
  • Very in love.
  • I want the work to be good. Like really good. I know for this it is to really think things through, build a body of work that compliment each other.
  • Challenge myself conceptually and technically.
  • I have a highschooler and she is the best to draw silly and gross things with and spend precious time with.
  • Love.

There’s also Berty Boo.


Dusted off my camera and visiting beautiful places:

Here is a sketch from recent explores:


Okey doke, time to do more reserch and drafts and maths.

Talk soon 🙂