We’ll see what we see

Kitty is nuzzling me with the top of her warm, fluffy head. She’s purring and watching her tail and nuzzling and closing her eyes in pleasure.

I want to be kitty.

I don’t want to do this grown up human stuff. I don’t want to check myself everyday for fear of running off my mouth, which when unchecked, I can do very easily. I don’t want to balance my mind, my meals, my time, my apologies, my fear, my sadness – my relief.

There are ways to make this easy.. No more rushing to meet imaginary deadlines – no one truly cares anyway. No more ‘going out’ – I am much, much better on paper.

“Every day you have to abandon your past or accept it and then, if you cannot accept it, you become a sculptor.”
Louise Bourgeois

So I’ll continue drawing over here, I’ll work it out and we’ll see what we see.

sketch_idea_lily_mae_martin Idea for a drawing – detail

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