No time for anything but sketching

My partner is still interstate working on Baz Luhrmann’s new film ( I hope Baz is thankful! ) The Great Gatsby and I’m finding it very hard to find time to work. Almost impossible in fact. I was trying to paint out in the shed but it’s not resistant to weather and the heat. So I decided that since I have pushed myself so much for the last two years, it’s time to just scale it right back and wait for the new year.

I am still writing, photographing people and sketching. The sketches are mainly for Berlin Domestic.

Part of me thinks that this is good though. This forced time away from painting and drawing large works is making me do research, sketches – the ground work. I just miss my other half and I never get a sleep in – it’s so fucking hard!

But you just do it.

Next year, it’s going to happen. I’ve also been super blessed with having some of the most incredible people sit for me.


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