Star Maker

I’ve been down. Which is frustrating because I think I’m on top of the blues and then somedays come along and show me that I might not be totally right about that.

After working so damn hard on this piece: morning_song_lily_mae_martin

I felt exhausted. I made the last lines on a Saturday afternoon and the first thing I did was have a bath and get into my pyjamas. ( I don’t think I washed in the last week. Gross, I know.. )

I think it’s the best work I’ve ever done and then I freaked out that I’ll never do anything as good as it again. I had plans to begin work on some other things but this piece has led me to a different place with my art and now I don’t know what I should do. Should I follow my plans or follow my heart? I cannot do both. I can only give so much to the work. Some of it has to be left over for life 😉

So, doing life at the moment and taking a lot of photos and thinking with sketching ..






This week was topped off with two rejections, but then I got this dress:


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