Slower going – more enjoyment

Summer holidays trying to get work done for made up deadlines has got to go – in the bin! Life is so fleeting and I’m enjoying the sky, the birds, long cuddles in bed every morning with my growing too fast child. I’m feeling deeply fatigued by a lot of things that used to work for me.. Internet outrage, working too hard but not at all smartly, being competitive for some unknown outcome. All the fluff so people will think of me fondly .. Or at least think of me.
I realised with pushing through December/ January madness that I haven’t set up too much for the year to come. I set up one BIG thing – midyear. But overall it is clear and I’m not even too sure about what kind of work I want to create. I think I need to just create without too many goals in place at the moment, to see if I can make something new. Of course, my irrational thinking goes IT’S ALL OVER FOR ME, I’LL NEVER MAKE WORK AGAIN and then I have to go hey look at something amazing. Like, poppy seeds..

Flowers blooming that are the size of dinner plates

Repotting plants and envying the simplicity of my kitty’s life

I have managed to scratch away 1/6 of a landscape. That’s pretty good.

Ok well now I am off for an adventure to a tiny dot in the Pacific Ocean.

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