School holidays and renovations are not friends.. much like skinny jeans and periods. Not saying they are enemies – but to take on both means a lot of effort, timing, coordination and cleaning.

I haven’t had much time to get back into the studio to explore and I’ve gone through the terror of what if I never make art ever again and just trying to trust myself but not really maybe I’ll just distract myself I’m walking a tightrope here and it’s somehow working how am I getting away with this I dunno but I am so just go with it ok *deep breath*

So I’ve filled up these holidays with cooking and learning more about food, exercising, reading so many things, and decorating my kidlet’s bedroom. The picture above is of the mural in it’s second day, we’ve been working on it together.. It’s almost finished, the image is from The Last Unicorn. Her room is looking so amazing. Our whole house is looking so different. It’s higgledy piggledy and I love it to bits.

I just had some friends over and we talked about our respective creative practices and it felt so good, in fact I feel inspired to just get back into my studio tomorrow and start experimenting. I don’t know what will come next and I’m done with being terrified of that and want to just see where it takes me.

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