Kim Buck

I received an email from Kim a few days ago, I was really excited to hear from someone else who draws. I looked at her work and I thought I should share it because she is AMAZING.

Some more info is here:
Kim Buck Red Bubble.



4 thoughts on “Kim Buck

  1. The floating in space concept is very interesting! Beautiful work, (and beautiful artist too!). Hope all is well for you Lily? Are you going back home to celebrate Christmas?

  2. No, nothing special. I’m working hard right now on two web sites, a logo and a business card…
    My brother is in the US and the only person i have left here is my grand-mother…
    Christmas is a family celebration but if you don’t have any family it loses it’s charm. I’ll catch up on the fun a few days later with new years eve, i’ll have a party with a few friends and that’ll be fine for this year. Hope you are feeling better what ever it was. Take care.

    • Grandmas are the best, I think. But yes, no family Christmas is charmless. Sorry to hear that, I hope your New Years is good! I am feeling better, but it has taken a lot out of me and taking me sometime to get back on my feet.

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