That’s it!

Well this blog has been quite. It used to be where I wrote to share my thoughts, travels, anxieties and joy but since it was hacked mid year and now turned into something I still don’t know how to use, I’ve neglected it.


I really don’t know how to use it and I’m not actually sure anyone reads this anymore but hey. I’m still here, it’s still here. We’ll give it another crack, next year.

This year has been a big one. I’ve faced challenges that I didn’t expect, been in hospital more times than I care for and moved country ( again ), made HEAPS of new and amazing friends and I got gallery representation. I’m super happy, exhausted, perplexed and I’m home.

Mid next year I am to have a solo show alongside Matt. R. Martin at the Scott Livesey Galleries. Though my current situation means I have no where and no time to make work, I have been researching, looking, nutting out in my brain and collecting photographs for a new body of work. So it’s coming. They are coming! I’ll be documenting and sharing my progress here – not on facebook anymore. ( I will post links to the blog posts though. )

Facebook along side all the other social networking media giants keep changing their stance on things and it’s making me pretty nervous. I don’t have time to maintain changing contracts so I hope people will make the effort – which I am trying to do too! and just visit other websites.

( Gosh darn I’ve gotten lazy with checking out new work, events, articles and even news because it’s all of the FB. )

Anyway, 2013 is shaping up to be a big year in terms of work. It’ll be a new adventure working with the gallery and exhibiting alongside Matt so I’m very excited. I’m mostly excited because all I have to do is make amazing work, and I can’t wait for that – now just to find the time and space.

See you in 2013,

Lily Mae


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