How the f**k to get everything done in one lifetime

There is no answer, but it’s something I find myself asking quite a lot of late. Between the meals and the life doing and the costume foraging I feel like I am doing heaps and nothing all at once.

I’m feeling a little – not bored, but that seems to be the closet word I can find to describe how I am feeling about my work of late. It needs more, or less.. I’m just trying to create that space for myself – mentally, physically, all the other ‘llys.. to experiment and research and gather reference. Silly me thinks I know how this all goes, but I have no idea. Just got to go with it.

It’s important to me to be productive, however I have to try and remember that being productive doesn’t always mean finished works. Though I have finished three and have several sketches and another on one the way but NOT THE POINT…. I just gotta keep building and thinking about the little things I can do each day to contribute towards the bigger stuff. Feel like I am at the bottom of a bloody biiiiig pile and it’s very intimidating – I have half the mind to sit down and weep, or maybe curl up for a solid sad nap. Though, I have been here so many times I know that if I don’t keep plodding away I’ll get to a few months down the track and be super cross at myself.

I feel like I could have been many things, but I am here and I am these things. Which I sometimes loose sight of, and more so in the past, by getting caught up in all of these other supposed passions and interests but we only have so much time in one life time… And we’re not even guaranteed any of that time. Man, how do we not scream into the void every day?
Off this is all big stuff that is melting my brain.. Here’s a funny thing I saw recently

Bird race

Time for a cup of tea, I reckon.

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