We got up at 3am to do the last of the packing, put on new linen for house sitter, shovel food into our mouths and bundle Kidlet into the car at 3:45am. She woke up and talked and sung the whole way to the airport.
Traveling with kids doesn’t always go smoothly but this was amazing and fun! An adventure together. I don’t think Kidlet has been on a plane since we moved back to Australia from Germany, she was about two and a half. When we’ve gone places we have driven, after living overseas for a while I realized how little of Australia I had actually seen. Mind you – I’m rethinking this after the drive from Sydney to Victoria last year because it sucks.

So we arrived on Saturday afternoon, it’s different to what I expected.. but I’ve never been here before so not really sure I knew what to expect. It’s so beautiful, the birds and the fruit and the way this place manages its food, cows, education, waste, healthcare is really interesting and given me a lot to think about. Kidlet feels inspired to become an explorer and I say that if she wants to do that, she’s got to be open to trying different foods which for the most part has worked! Expect paw paw, no I won’t make her eat that.

Internet is very non committal so I don’t know if this will work or not!

Argh, this world – it’s so precious.

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