Drawings from Berlin

I cried in the café – the women working there gave me some chocolate.


I wanted to write ‘easy peasy’ but couldn’t fit it all in. This is a drawing I did on a recent flight to London – by myself. I felt luxurious.

I read ‘ What Mothers Do Especially When It Looks Like Nothing’ by Naomi Stadlen – it was within these pages that I found the words about many of my experiences and thoughts about motherhood – but also about depression.

Loosing a sense of future is something that I think all people who have suffered with depression would understand.

Driving myself a little bit crazy in cafés.

 The Prinzessinnengarten, where we spent the summer of 2011.

I have done a crazy amount of drawings for my project – Berlin Domestic – a project that keeps changing shape. I felt like deleting it all last week but I can be pretty extreme in that way. I just have to learn to just take a break from the world wide web every so often.

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