Busy week in photos

tbw This is the only ride that I will ever go on. I’ve never been one for rides, I’m just not that kind of explorer.

vom Kidlet and I stood beneath this and just got dizzy from watching.

hellohorses This girl is so kind and in awe of animals. Animal love runs strong in her family.

bt Trinkets and old things.

printingpress Got to see a demonstration of a printing press. So fascinating!

selfiegame Selfie game.

roses Roses.

globesmall These globes are just so beautiful!


readingroomreminder Books in the reading room are reminding me where I should be..

pickleslist 8AM Sunday morning indoor picnic. Papa and kidlet wrote lists of what needs to be done today.

unikitty Kitty sits beneath the unicorn and they both watch on.

I’ve now reached the point where I can’t do anymore! I love doing things but I also like weekends being weekends and just resting. So that’s what’s on for the rest of the day.

Hey G

Can you believe it has almost been ten years – or it is already ten years, but neither you and I recall the date..
How much has happened, how much has changed and how some things have stayed the same – you smell so good, you are so very handsome. You’re blushing right now, yeah? Thinking oh shut up Lily you are so embarrassing me. Heh, tough tits.
You’re still impossible to buy gifts for, you’re still so kind and thoughtful as well as fantastically sarcastic and judgemental 😉
You are the best father, our girl is so very lucky to have you.
Thank you for everything, thank you for encouraging me to be a better person and artist. Thank you for everything, I love you – have you booked that fucking trip yet?


Another week, photos

swing Happy swing times in a yellow dress.

laundry All aboard the laundry train! Actually, it’s just for one. No one else has been invited.

kittyyawn Kitty likes to sit near us, but doesn’t find us very stimulating.

family Little cygnets were just pom poms with legs just over a week ago, they grow so very fast.

muskduckone A motherflippin’ male musk duck! It is a vulnerable species in Victoria. It has a large bit of skin coming from it bill and a tail like a garden rake. I was pretty pleased I spotted it bobbin about near a boat shed.

swanwings This swan was cleaning itself and then got to a back off human stage and I snapped this and backed off!

Inside the man shed.

flyscreen He’s building fly screens, the first test is for kidlet’s bedroom.

greenhouse An abandoned house that has been very slowly coming apart/ pulled apart for nearly two years now.

New, small drawing – Ride


By Lily Mae Martin
30 x 30cm
Ink on paper

More to come…

For any sales please contact Scott Livesey Galleries
909A High Street,
Armadale, Victoria, Australia
e: info@scottliveseygalleries.com
Ph: (03) 9824 7770

Small drawing

By Lily Mae Martin
30 x 30cm
Ink on paper

I’m playing around with scale at the moment, which sounds straight forward but has been surprisingly challenging. Another thing to show me that when I think I know it all, I really don’t know all the much. It’s humbling.
It’s been a lot of fun but some of them I sketch and scribble at and still think no no no, this has to be a larger work. It won’r feel right until I’ve spent several months scratching away at it.

Though I have a fair bit of reference material it’s amazing what I thought would work on a smaller scale doesn’t work at all. Husband said I should aim for less detail to which I did not agree with. ( Though he is probably right because he is objective and far more sensible that I but no no no, not the detail!! )

Ah, I am meant to be vacuuming and feeding my body breakfast but I am already getting tucked into my work.

It’s good to be back.

For any sales please contact Scott Livesey Galleries
909A High Street,
Armadale, Victoria, Australia
e: info@scottliveseygalleries.com
Ph: (03) 9824 7770

Sketches for drawings

Been collecting reference material and making a bunch of sketches and there’s more than this but thought I’d share these as they are pretty exciting and I love drawing forever and ever and ever.

sketchone I used a mechanical pencil for this one. I usually H A T E pencil but enjoyed this very much, until I tried to load up a new stick of graphite and it got stuck and then my husband spent some time with it with pliers and fixed it but it’s put me off. Good for sketches though!