A week before The Move

It has been quite the week. My life drawing lessons at Ararat Regional Art Gallery finished up, we have nearly finished painting my studio and the tiles are going to start going into the bathroom. We may still not have a bathroom when we move in but there’s a little shower and a loo off of the studio so that’ll do. But my word, we have to do some serious cleaning up, the place IS a building site and very, very messy.
I’m excited but also very nervous. We live near friends here, like walking distance. The back yard with all of it’s green and flowers and birdies – I am going to really miss them.
It’s not so much the house that I am attached to, but rather this time. It’s coming to an end and that is sad.

But onto the happy!


Painting my studio together was the best. We’ve had so many ups and downs and disappointments and losses over the last few years that this seems quite healing. Finally a space that is ours that we are preparing together. Just the three of us.

studio3 (photo by kiddo)


It’s come together pretty quickly. We listened to a lot of music too, which was cool.


So, I have finished my last promised drawing for the year and now it is time that I really pack and clean and move and clean and sort and clean. But we have to go for a bike ride first, get some doughnuts and all of that. Then I’ll pack, I promise.


See you on the other side


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